"Rustavi Water”


“Rustavi Water”, together with “Georgian Water and Power” and “Mtskheta Water”, is a member of one and the same investment group, rendering water supply and drainage service to more then 53 000 customers in Rustavi, Gardabani and Marneuli.


“Rustavi Water” is gradually carrying out rehabilitation and planned works on water supply and sewerage networks, eliminates emergency damages. The population is permanently being informed on water supply limitations for carrying out rehabilitation works.


Most of scheduled rehabilitation works on water supply networks in Rustavi has been completed. The city is permanently supplied with water. Khrami head work is operating in full capacity. Special attention is paid to quality of drinking water.


Reconstruction works of main water pipeline feeding Rustavi are permanently carried out with “Rustavi Water” together with “Georgian Water and Power”. Due to the rehabilitation works water supply of Rustavi has become more reliable and stable.


Besides, reconstruction works of power sector on “Rustavi Water” headworks have completed. New 6 kV capacity and 2,2 km long overhead line and 16 MW new transformer have been installed, which will provide safe and uninterrupted power supply to Khrami head work and pumping stations.

Chemical and bacteriological laboratory of “Rustavi Water” has been newly equipped and is properly operating. It is testing drinking water permanently.


“Rustavi Water” has fully renewed billing and information bases, as well as adjusted number of customers.  The company offers the population favorable restructuring program for old debts.