Potable water which is suitable for drinking makes up just 3 % of water on the earth. Water is by far important energy carrier than electricity, natural gas, oil or coal and it has no replacement. There is no field which can do without water supply. Human being whose body consists of 75 % of water needs water most of all. However it is not acknowledged to the full extent how important are for the mankind the problems related to the drinking water.

Our customers may think that they always use water in a purposeful and rational way. Whilst the Company spends solid material, technical and labour resources to extract, process and supply to customers each cubic meter of drinking water.

According to the Company calculations:

  • A faulty and leaking tap causes on average the loss of 150 liters of water in 24 hours;
  • The leaking tap with just a match head size stream flow, spills about 450 liters of water;
  • The turned on tap spills about 600 liters of water per hour;
  • The faulty toilette bowl tank causes spill of 600 liters of water per hour;
  • The unattended garden house spills huge amount of water.

According to Georgian Water and Power information part of the population that had voluntarily installed individual meters pay by far less today than they would have paid according to the number of their family members. This category of customers have on average for times decreased consumption of drinking water and its cost as well.

Georgian Water and Power addresses its customers, repair damaged sanitary equipment, consume water in a rational way and treat with due care this valuable resource.