In order to improve the service, Georgian Water and Power offers its users a simplified activation of the SMS Service.


To register for gwp's SMS service, the user sends the subscriber's number to 90111 from the mobile phone and instantly joins the SMS service.


Subscribers included in the SMS service can receive an electronic receipt, change the mobile phone number or e-mail registered to the service, and additionally request various types of information.



 Gwp users can send monthly meter reading to 90111 via SMS service.


  Follow the simple video instructions and send the monthly meter reading from your mobile phone to 90111

  Video instruction


  How to send counter display to 90111 service?


Send an SMS message to 90111 from your mobile phone, enter the data in the following order in the text field:

Counter number, counter display

(separate the data with a comma)


  How do we behave if more than one counter is fixed on the subscriber's number?


In case of two or more meters, send the data of each meter separately as an SMS message.

In each message, also indicate:

Counter number, counter display

(separate the data with a comma)


  When will the data you send be reflected in the database?


The meter data sent by you will be recorded in the JVP database after receiving the SMS message and will be reflected in the receipt at the end of the month.


In case of sending data in the wrong format, the user will receive an SMS message:

"An error has been detected. Please resend the SMS in the following order:

Meter number, meter display."


90111 SMS service is free of charge


  Information for Rustavi water subscribers