Water supply sources

Georgian Water and Power has several objects and sources of water supply ensuring uninterrupted water supply of population. 


Zhinvali reservoir

Part of Zhinvali hydro power plant. Zhinvali reservoir is situated on the river Aragvi between village Ananuri and Zhinvali. Its purpose is to provide Tbilisi with drinking and utility water, which is executed via 42km. 5,5m diameter tunnel, 12m3/sc. Also provides irrigation water to Samgori region. For this purpose 102 m high earth dam is set up, which makes a reservoir with the capacity of 500 m3 million. Reservoir was put into operation in 1985.



Part of Zhinvali hydro power plant. It is situated in the tail water and its capacity is 1.0 m3 million. Certain part of the water runs from here to the riverbed of River Aragvi, some part feeds Mukhrani and Saguramo irrigation system, and some water runs through the main conduit to supply Tbilisi with water.


Bulachauri Water Conduit

Is located on right and left banks of Aragvi River and occupies 242 hectares. Its debit is 3000 litres/sec on average of which 2000 litres/sec is supplied by gravity flow and 1000 litres/sec is pumped to the Saguramo separation chamber. Chemical laboratory is situated in Bulachauri in order to control the water quality. The first line of the water conduit was commissioned in 1951. 


Choporti-Misaktsieli Water Conduit

Choporti-Misaktsieli water conduit is located on the right and left banks of Argali River and occupies 975 hectares. Its debit is 1300 litres/sec on average and is supplied by gravity flow to Saguramo separation chamber. Water conduit was commissioned in 1962.


Natakhtari Water Conduit

Natakhtari Water Conduit is the first unique syphon water supply system with debit of 1300 litres/sec. It was put into operation in 1933. It is located on the right bank of Aragvi river and occupies 250 hectares. Water runs by gravity flow from here to Tbilisi.

New Water Conduit of Natakhtari - The debit of water is 900 litres/sec on average and it flows by line pump into Saguramo separation chamber. New water conduit of Natakhtari was commissioned in 1982.


Artesian Water Conduit of Mukhrani Valley

Artesian  Water Conduit of Mukhrani Valley is located on the right side of Tbilisi-Kazbeghi road and occupies 151 hectares. It unites 55 wells of which 35 wells are operative at the moment yielding 1200 litres/sec and flowing into Natakhtari separation chamber. Artesian water conduit of Mukhrani Valley was commissioned in 1980.


Saguramo Water Conduit

Saguramo Water Conduit is a key water supply system consisting of main water chambers and powerful pump stations. It occupies 256 hectares. Volume of supplied water makes up 3000 litre/sec. Chemical laboratory is situated in Saguramo in order to control water quality.Water conduit was commissioned in 1962-ies. 


Grmaghele Treatement Plant

Filter Station is a component part of Zhinvali hydrocomplex with capacity of 5.0 m3/sec. 4 reservoirs are located on the sanitary zone territory. Coagulation and chlorination lines are arranged in the filter stations. The station is a combination of modern structures by its technological processes and level of performance.

Mechanical purification of water and its further chlorination is carried out. Water quality controlling automated laboratory is assembled which examines water in an uninterrupted mode. Grmagele treatment plant has been functioning since 1985. Central chemical laboratory is situated in Grmagele.


Samgori Treatement Plant

Total area is 3000 m2 with the capacity of 5.0 m3/sec. 50 filters, 6 underground reservoirs and three pump stations are situated on the territory. First line of Samgori water supply system with the capacity of 500 m3/sec was commissioned in 1957, while the 2nd line of the same capacity was commissioned in 1959. Capacity of filter station was brought to 2.0 m3/sec. Chemical laboratory is situated in Samgori in order to control water quality.   


Tbilisi Reservoir

Tbilisi reservoir is located in Iori land in north-east of Tbilisi. Its length is 8.75 km and maximum width – 1.85 km. The reservoir was fed by Iori river water. Maximum volume of water is 308 ml m3, maximum depth reaches 45 meters. It was commissioned in 1953.

Tbilisi Reservoir is one of the most important facilities for water supply in the capital of Georgia.( It Does not represent the object of the company).