Georgian Water and Power Company offers preferential terms for the repayment of arrears of water from 1 December 2010:

• Total amount of the debt will be distributed for 36 months to be repaid together with the current payment;
• If you pay 60 % of the debt accumulated before 2010, the Company writes off 40 % provided that you are not in arrears for 2010 or you set the debt to nil;
• Socially unprotected families will benefit from unprecedented preferential terms of the debt repayment.

For the detailed information please address district service centers of GWP and enjoy the benefits in a timely manner.

The Company will execute individual agreements with the customers who wish to repay their debts.

GWP has been permanently offering the population preferential programs of debt repayment since 2009. Major part of the residents of Tbilisi have already taken advantage of it and become prompt payers.