Georgian Water and Power generates power by Zhinvali and Tetrikhevi Hydro plants. Generated power is sufficient not only for in-house use but for its realization as well. Both hydro stations are included in a Georgian unified system.

The objects of the company - Headworks of Aragvi Gorge, Samgori and Grmagele Filter Stations, city pumping stations, administrative buildings and structures and repressuring pumping stations consume 290-300 million cubic meters of power per year.


Zhinvali Hydro Power plant

- Part of Zhinvali hydro power plant. The capacity of Zhinvali Hydro Plant is 130 MW.

- With the average annual generation of 365 million kWh.


Tetri Khevi Hydro Power Plant

- The installed capacity is 12.4 MW

- With the average annual generation of 12,5 million kWh.


Bodorna HPP

- The installed capacity is 2.5 MW.  

- The average annual generation of - 12-14 million kWh.