“Rules of Drinking Water Supply and Consumption” approved on the basis of the GNERC Resolution # 32 (2008) defines the meaning of illegal water consumption:

• voluntary connection of installations or pipelines to drinking water supply system;
• deliberate damaging of drinking water meter seals with the purpose of violation of precise metering;
• falsification of drinking water meter’s digital indicators;
• drinking water theft through avoiding a meter or/and unauthorized consumption without a meter;
• consumption of drinking water from anti-fire water pipe and its constituent network for other purposes rather than fire.

In case of detection of illegal consumption of drinking water “Georgian Water and Power” has the right to terminate water supply to a corresponding consumer without warning, except the cases when it is known in advance that termination of water supply will create hazard for human beings lives, damage their health or cause disproportionate expenses.

The Company, immediately upon identification of the fact of illegal consumption, is to complete a corresponding act and the illegal consumer is to pay the cost of the water consumed in the period of illegal consumption and the expenses of drinking water supply disconnection and reconnection.