Subscribers can get all information about utility services by dialing *303#


A new service has been launched for subscribers of Georgian Water and Power to get information about utility services more easily. This service was developed by GNERC for the users of gwp, as well as other utility companies.


According to GNERC's new project, by dialing the code *303# on mobile phones, subscribers can inform Georgian Water and Power about the interruption of drinking water supply, request an electronic receipt, check the current subscriber balance, register or delete an unwanted number for the desired subscriber to receive data, and send the meter reading by SMS.


*303# can be used by all subscribers who have a contact mobile number registered in the gwp database.


After dialing the code *303#, the user selects the water supply sector from the list, after which the subscriber numbers associated with the user's mobile number will be displayed on the mobile phone screen. At the next stage, the user selects the subscriber number, on which he can receive the desired information:


     Interruption - registration of information about interruption of water supply by the user

     Balance - information about the current balance

     E-receipt - electronic receipt

     Last sms sending - Last sms sending

     Registered numbers - specifying mobile numbers registered to the selected subscriber and deleting unwanted ones

     Meter reading - sending meter reading to the company

     Contact - company address and hotline number

*303# service is free. The service is currently available for Silknet and Magticom customers. Beeline users will also benefit from the program in the near future. The service is available for all types of mobile phones.